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Branded Popcorn Machines

Companies are constantly looking for ways to shed that large corporate persona and connect with their staff on a more personal, home-town level. One of the most fun and popular prop hires available is popcorn machines. Setting up an old-fashioned customized popcorn machine in your lobby that is brimming with warm, buttery popcorn creates an atmosphere that is inviting, fun and personable! The cost of producing delicious popcorn is so inexpensive that it is the ideal prop hire treat to give away for free as a thank you to all of your staff or customers. We offer custom popcorn bags that can be printed with a message of your choice. As your promotions change from month to month, the custom imprinted popcorn bags that you hand to customers can change to reflect your current offer or promotion.


Chocolate Fountain


Take the fun and great taste of Chocolate Fountains to a whole new level with this stylish Chocolate Fountain. Perfect for parties, celebrations or with friends, simply fill the fountain with chocolate and enjoy the divine chocolate. Then dip marshmallows, nuts, fruits and cake to your hearts content! The Chocolate Fountain is ideal as a party piece and is so much more than just another dessert, it's truly entertaining and will keep the conversation flowing for as long as the chocolate does!

 Image ChocolateFountain

Candyfloss Machine Hire


Roll up, roll up, roll up! All the fun of the fair in the comfort of your own home. Using nothing more than a teaspoon of ordinary sugar and a little heat, our Candyfloss Maker creates the real thing in minutes - you can even jazz it up by adding a touch of flavouring. Such an easy way to create an exciting treat for youngsters, or take the young-at-heart on a trip down memory lane.

 Candyfloss Machine

Ice Cream Machine


Everybody loves Ice Cream! Really add the WOW factor to your event or party with an Ice Cream Machine. Easily create delicious ice creams for all your guests that are sure to go down a treat!

Ice Cream Machine Rental

Slushie Maker Machine


It's party time! So what better way to quench your thirst than with a homemade Slush Drink! Get ready to treat everybody to your delicious and vibrant slushie drinks. It's ideal for all events and caters for all ages. So get creative and see what mouth-watering beverages you can come up with using the slushie maker, whether it's an exotic cocktail for the adults or a sweet fruity drink for the kids, the Slushie Machine is sure to please all.

Slushie Maker Machine Rental

Hot Dog Machine


Hot Dogs! Get Your Hot Dogs! Create an authentic American street food atmosphere at your party or event with our Hot Dog Machine. Ideal for all occasions, easy to set up and use. A tasty treat all your guests will enjoy!

Hot Dog Machine

Picture This Photo Booth


Your client is always looking for a way to be more personable and to show customers how much they are appreciated.
To accomplish both of these important goals, rent our Portable Photo Booth for your next marketing promotion.
Let your customers/friends or staff rediscover fun as they enjoy taking photos withour easy to ship, cost-effective photo
booth. Choose from three different printout options: get a classic portrait style, a traditional photo fun print, or a
memorable photo cube. Any of these designs can be customized with your logo to make sure that your customers know
exactly who provided their fun, exciting photos.


Spin & Win Wheel of Fortune


One of the most popular prop hires we have to offer. These hugely fun promotional prop prize wheels can act as a stand alone promotional event focus and can be professionally customized any way you choose. Who doesn’t love the chance to spin a wheel loaded with opportunities to win great prizes? Try setting the prize wheel up at a local street fair or community event and offer all passersby a chance to spin and win. This wheel of fortune prop is a fantastic way to give out your promotional items while enticing people with the chance to win free products. Rent one of our generic promotional wheel of fortune props or customize your own. There are sizes and styles to meet any of your promotional needs from table top prize wheels to stand-alone prize wheels.

Wheel of Fortune

Treasure Chest Promotions


There's nothing that attracts show customers to your bank like a chance to win a great prize! Our attention-grabbing
treasure chests can be filled with currency, coupons, gift certificates, logo-imprinted giveaways, or whatever you
choose. Hand your customer a key and let them try their luck.
You're in total control of how much booty to give away, because you control the number of bogus keys and winning keys.
Bank customers won't be able to pass you by when they see your huge real wood or lucite treasure chest waiting to be
unlocked by a lucky winner.


Raffle Drum


A Raffle Drum Perfectly Sized for your Event! Make sure that you complete your professional raffle or drawing with a Raffle Ticket Drum. Never been in charge of a raffle before? Don't worry, it's easy. Simply sell the double roll raffle tickets to your guests. Rip the ticket and give the guest one side, and you place the other into the raffle drum. When you've complete your sales, just spin the raffle drum to mix up the tickets, then open the gate and pull out the winning ticket!
Raffle Drum

Fog Machine


The fog machine that provides great fog effect. Traditionally used by DJs, venues, and bands to help create atmosphere and enhance lighting effects.
It is perfect size for your next house Parties,Clubs,Bar, Wedding,Parade Floats & Stage Performances.

Fog Machine

Pipes & Drape


The pipe and drape is popular among decorators to make stages for wedding, events and parties, to support backdrop curtains and can really add the WOW factor to your event. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

Pipe and Drape

Ceremonial Giant Scissors


The ultimate prop for Ceremonies and Grand Openings! Giant novelty scissors to create the perfect photo op. Made with durable satin stainless steel blades and textured molded plastic handles, these giant scissors are guaranteed to cut our ceremonial ribbons and measure 36 inches.

Ceremonial Scissors

Pillars, Roping & Red Carpet


Create the ultimate entrance to your event with a red carpet, pillars and roping. Guests will love walking up the red carpet to your event or party. Add an authentic Hollywood atmosphere to your event!

Red Carpet

Large Confetti Cannons


Add a real POP to your event or party with a large confetti cannon! Choose from a great range of colours and types of confetti! These large confetti cannons are sure to be a real hit with your guests.

Large Confetti Cannon


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