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Balloon Releases

Balloon Man releases are spectacular! We here at the balloon man highly recommend the use of balloon releases to captivate the shock value at an event. Some of our competitors find a balloon release to be a problematic event, however at the Balloon Man our team of experienced staff knows how to implement and strategise a plan that will see your balloon release completed to the highest standard with minimal hassle while still being able to maximise the overall effectiveness of the balloon release. The Balloon Man has used balloon releases for a myriad of different events and promotions such as sporting events, the launch of a new business or charity days and we will ensure the security and safety of your balloon release and also seek permission from the DAA to make certain that your balloon release is a success. We know who to talk to at the Balloon Man and you can be sure that you’re safe in our hands.


  • balloon release ireland
  • balloon release ireland
  • balloon release ireland
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