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Balloon Handouts

Did you know that over half the balloons sold last year were used for promotional purposes? That represents a couple of million. The Balloon Man has great pleasure in offering our clients the opportunity to promote and advertise your business with a helium balloon handout. At the Balloon Man we can personalise the balloons so that your company's name, brand or slogan is displayed on the balloons. This ensures that every customer will go home with your company logo flying high! Balloons are fast becoming an effective advertising tool for lots of supermarkets, shopping centers and corporate events. All of our clients that have been able to benefit from the balloon handouts have all reported that the balloon handouts were a distinctive, creative, and cost effective way to attract attention and build brand recognition. Balloon handouts will enhance and build a positive image in a colourful, eye-catching way that makes any occasion more memorable. Balloon handouts do more than just advertise a company it allows the company to engage with customers, which lends them the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with the customer only enhancing the overall effect of the balloon handout. We at the Balloon Man believe that a balloon handout adds an immeasurable amount of substance and value to a marketing campaign and allows the company to reach the customer through both a visual and physical platform.


  • balloon handouts ireland
  • balloon handouts ireland
  • balloon handouts ireland
  • balloon handouts ireland
  • balloon handouts ireland
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